Monday, 10 January 2011

Ant Eaters

For my character I decided to choose Billiam Williamson who was the hyper-active 9year old who has an obsession with "creepy crawlies". This description gave me many ideas of normal human kids dressed up in insect costumes or just normal looking kids. But I thought why should it be human, whats stopping me from branching out into animals who love insects... not interested in them but love to eat them.

I went through a variety of animals and doodled some ideas. I went from Aardvarks to Chameleons, which was fun to produce a clay-mation styled version of it. Here are some pictures of my designs:

Through these designs i decided on choosing the Giant Anteater design which looked more cuddly and fun to do. The primary break down of the character is he is going to have a basic shape because thats how I would model him if he were really made out of clay, also to make modelling easier he is going to have big feet and hands.

Based the description of the character I decided to give him baby reigns as he is hyperactive and its the only way to control him. I went beyond the brief and thought it was a quirky idea.

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