Tuesday, 16 November 2010

What my job is at the moment...

Today we have decided what jobs each person is doing at the moment. I was given the job of researching and to start modelling the stair ways, which are a main part of the interior of our environment.

My idea for the stairs in the lighthouse is too make them seem quite regal and decorative giving a sense of style to the interior and a time period of when it was made. Also looking at films that have mixed machinery have mainly made building styles look Victorian and Renaissance styles.

I looked up examples of Victorian and Renaissance stair ways, here are some of the best examples:

Based on these images I have started sketching and drawing out different styles and shapes of stair cases that look like they can flow through the space. The styles above looks aesthetically great and would go well with the mechanical objects that are going to be situated in and around them.

While i was searching for examples I also came across a stair case design by Thomas Heatherwick, which has pushed the design of stairs to the extreme. Instead of sticking to conventional designs he made the stairs flow to create new forms and shapes. Taking this as inspiration I'm going sketch possibilities of using different forms and shapes to create conventional stairs.

Later I will scan in my sketches and post them up on here.

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