Monday, 1 November 2010

Ravensbourne = start of the new year

Wow I haven't been on this blog for quite a while (been distracted over the longest summer I've ever had). I started back last week to Ravensbourne at its new home in Greenwich. The building is awesome and so many new toys to play with haha. Straight away we are in the middle of plenty of work :( no room for summer blues.

We've been given two main projects and also contextual studies (laaaame) anyway the two projects we've got are:
1. Digital Environments
2. Character Animation

Digital environments sounds awesome we (as in my little motley crew of animators) have to design a 3d environment with animation happening within for example: a ghost town with animated tumble weed blowing through it. The possibilities for this project are endless.

During the class we were told to start thinking of ideas and not just generic ones like Castles and Fantasy/Sci-Fi environments because we can make them look like whatever we want them to look like. The idea is we have to research and produce a well thought out idea that can  be fleshed out into "reality" with our group modelling, lighting, etc. 

This actually started to get my imagination going, i was thinking of so many ideas but most of them were ridiculous and nothing to do with anything substantial so I focused on really interesting places and how they became like that.

First off I thought of Chichen Itza the Mayan sacrificial pyramid in Mexico... yes this is because I watched Idiot Abroad the night before (was quite funny, so funny in fact its still on my sky+ box.) None the less the environment itself was amazing, the structure was ridiculously steep with god knows how many steps up to the top. I started thinking what an amazing place and i wonder what it would have been like when Mayans still lived around there in its hay-day. I started thinking that would be fun to model this grand structure standing out with its civilians milling around it going by getting on with their day (until there was a sacrifice... then I think they would be hiding just so they wouldn't be picked.)

As I was thinking along the lines of ancient cities and structures the thought came to me of Pompeii and how well preserved it was after being covered in ash. To see that as a working city with its delegates, soldiers, farmers, etc. moving around it, lit with torches and alive. I thought that would be a challenge especially as roman architecture is quite intricate.

While thinking up other ideas I remembered something Jared (our tutor) said about some animations were subtle showing environments and what effect time itself has on them. Pompeii has an interesting history seeing as it was at the centre of a devastating natural disaster. The thought of showing the environment going through its time line would be wicked having it all happy go lucky one moment and the next molten rock and ash crashing down destroying the city in blink of an eye and then being cocooned in the ash until it rose again when it was excavated in 1599 accidentally (honestly how can you accidentally discover a city that was lost for 1,500years, its not like your walking down a road and trip over an ash covered pillar and go "oh I've found a city"... they should have at least pretended like they knew what they were doing to give them some credit.)

anyway for now thats it from me next time ill talk a little more about environment and a lot more on my character project once I've got some done hahaha (slacking :( )

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