Thursday, 4 November 2010

First post on Character Animation

Right this is my first post on my character animation because I haven't gotten round to doing it. The characters we had to choose from in this brief were out of 5 characters, all varying in personality and interest. Out of the characters I chose the 9 year old boy as he had the best description that stood out to me, as he sounded more fun to try and design.

I went through many different ideas for the character in a brainstorm (I'll scan it and put it up when i get to a scanner). Through my brain storm I decided on the idea of making the kid an Anteater. I thought this was a good idea because the description of the character was he is obsessed with "creepy crawlies" and hyper-active. I got the image of an anteater running manically to the insects house in a zoo.

I've done a few drawing based on my brain storm which I also need to scan in. The designs I've done take into account that the character has to be clay-mation styled (so textured with clay like substances with a few finger prints thrown in). Thats all for now I'll post again soon with ant eater research and hopefully my scans!

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