Monday, 8 November 2010

Things I've Looked Into...

For this environment I am looking into the inhabitant of it first. There are 3 different characters that were suggested being a Scientist, a Sea Captain and a Composer. These mainly because theres a machine involved thus the scientist, the lighthouse so i suggested a sea captain and the composer because we are using a musical element to it.

In the group we have decided to use the Composer because the is more style to him. It also makes more sense seeing as theres going to be a musical organ made of different instruments. Looking into composers the caricature of them is crazy hair slicked back, formal composer outfit with a ruffled shirt, shoes and wand. 

Or they all look like Beethoven...

This will make quite a good interesting character to base an environment on. As the character is quite eccentric the environment , so plenty of weird machines and mechanisms in and around the lighthouse he inhabits. There will be plenty of scrap metal, cogs, etc. which will show his engineering side. Along with  scrap everywhere there will be different mechanisms like a stair lift or pipes and gears steaming/rotating in the walls and ceilings.

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