Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Finally decided on an Idea!!!!

Right we have finally decided on an idea!!!!

Our idea is *achem* "The Weather Maestro"!!!

The idea is basically the environment of a lab situated in a lighthouse, that within it is the scientist who has created a weather machine. To use this machine he plays it like an organ (phantom of the opera style, except not as ominous.) As he plays we will visit the different areas through screens on the machine.

For this idea we are going to have to design more than one environment... not full scale ones but snippets of them with maybe a matte painting for the rest of the environment. The concept of the environment is that it is organised chaos. The lab is going to be in disarray but the character is going to know exactly where everything is. 

To research this I'm going to look into films and art books that have the same sort of feel of what I envision the lab to look like. Its meant to be along the lines of organised chaos so along the lines of maybe, his lab is like an office desk. It looks disorganised and cluttered but to the owner it is organised and has everything where he wants it and knows where it is.

Another idea for the organ's pipes are going to come out of the lighthouse or connects to fog horns. Through the pipes/foghorns weather is going to be produced and manipulated. The team were also thinking if boats should be involved that react to the weather being produced and maybe feel the consequences of this.

Right now that is it so laters

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